Jass company Executive Board
The executive board is accountable for the development of plans and policies for the company. They set the goal and also ensure the plans and policies are efficiently implemented. The executive board consists of Chairman/CEO, who leads the organization. The leadership role of CEO also entails the day to day management decisions. The CEO acts as a direct liaison between board and the management of the company. The CEO also communicates on behalf of company to shareholders, employees, government authorities and public.

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing division sets individual sales rep quotas, as well as the overall volume goal for the company. Our sales and marketing division also guide the development of products and services. They recommend modifying or dropping products or services or adding new ones to the company’s mix, based on customers’desire. As they are close to the customer they are responsible for pricing and distribution planning. Also they provide customer service to maintain customer base. Not only that, they are also responsible for marketing and promotion of new and existing products.


The primary functions of our operations department include the design and management of products, services and processes. In addition, the operations department evaluates and allocates resources to effectively deliver products and services. Process improvement is another function of our operations department. This involves the analysis of current work flow and redesign to create an efficient system that provides efficient results. Our operations department is also responsible for project management activities related to improving work flow and internal business processes. This involves the development of a project plan, devising a budget and controlling resources. Effectively managing a project also involves developing policies and procedures to standardize work throughout an organization.



Our production department has a dedicated team of experts and thinkers who build the solutions that benefit our customers. The team is responsible for design and deployment of our products. They are also responsible for maintaining our products. Our production team is always working close to the sales team in order to understand the customer and design the product they need.
Our production team is responsible for carrying us researches, testing our products and services and improve the design and service of the products. Our production team is a collection of intelligent minds working together. The team consists of project manager, coordinator, analyst, designers, developers, and quality assurance personnel.