Cities of Developing countries like Nepal are always under increasing strain due to migration; not to mention the environmental challenges caused by the population increase. We with latest geospatial tools, technology and experts in various fields are capable of providing better and healthier solutions.

ppWe assist government and private sector in planning better infrastructure and settlement development using our expertise in latest technologies and experience of working with foreign companies who have completed similar projects in the past.We help organizations in planning cities that can handle growth, which has proper facilities, which is well organized. We bring together GIS, Information Technology to provide informed solutions.

Services we provide for developing healthier cities

  • Topographical Surveys
  • GIS and MIS integration
  • Town maps using Satellite Imagery
  • Analysis of the Existing Urban Transport Environments
  • Travel Demand Forecasting, Forecasts of Future Traffic Patterns
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Intersection Improvements and Other Mitigation Measures